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Maria Vida.

Painter, teacher and performer. She conceives art as a way to awaken the hidden potentials in the human being, to approach to more subtle realities and to describe them. Interested in the visionary capacity of painting seeks «the inner eye», as that eye that perceives what has not yet taken shape, which trains to
through dreams, meditation and travel.

From an early age she developed skills for drawing and the world of the unconscious, she graduated in Fine Arts and obtained a scholarship to study in Chile. Her stay in that country served her to know the Andean and Amazon region of South America. On this trip he arrived at the Shipi Ba community of Nueva Betania, in the Amazon, where he learned about plants and healing songs with a family of healers and creates the book «La Purga». Since then he has been deeply linked with the world shamanic through art and understands the relationship between the two as channels of the universe mythical.

Parallel to the study of drawing and painting, her interest grows in expanding the field of creation towards the body and sound, and she investigates butoh dance and singing. She holds solo and group exhibitions and presents performances at theater festivals and associations. In her later trips to Nepal, Mexico and Guatemala, she continues to be inspired by ancient cultures and related to shamanism, and learns the use of pigments and ancient techniques to apply them in her paintings, which she makes herself, finding a crude and ancient pictorial language.

The practice of making her paintings, supports and recovering ancient techniques leads her to experience the inseparable relationship between painting and alchemy, and she understands the importance of permanence, the nobility of materials and their spiritual value. For her, it is an activism against
commodification of artistic materials -which lose their qualities-, and a form of
recover the connection with the earth and our symbiotic relationship with it.